Introducing Urve Tõnnus – A Multitalented Estonian Artist!

Attention art enthusiasts! Meet Urve Tõnnus – a talented artist from Estonia who has gained recognition worldwide for her captivating collage paintings.

Interest, after completing her education as a designer, Urve Tõnnus honed her skills as a painter by undertaking a four-year practical training at a trained painter’s studio. With a passion for self-education, she attended various courses to further refine her artistic abilities.

Desire, Urve Tõnnus has an impressive career history as a graphic designer, having worked as the head of advertisement for a big and well-known IT-company for a decade. As a member of the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD), she has developed brand styles and home pages for many important Estonian companies and institutions.

In the last nine years, Urve Tõnnus has focused on collage painting and exhibited her works in Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, London, and the USA. Her unique art pieces, which explore women’s psychology through different archetypes, are created using a variety of materials including old second-hand materials. Urve’s passion for photography and travel is reflected in her art works, which feature photos, magazines, jewelry, textiles, paper, canvas, and acrylic paints.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness Urve Tõnnus’s captivating art. Visit our website to explore her stunning collection and learn more about her inspiring journey as an artist.


2021 International Prize “Ambassador of Art” (Italy)
2021 International Prize DANTE ALIGHIERI ( invitation only)
2021 Participation in an art book “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021” (Italy)
2021 International Prize David Michelangelo ( Italy)
2021 50 ARTISTS to invest in (invitation only) (Italy)
2020 International Prize Raffaello & Canova (Italy)
2019 Nominent of A Design Award (Italy)
First prize of logo Datel as the best logo of Estonian IT companies
Bronze medal of amateur photo contest in USA
Winner of design contest of restaurant Clazz
2010 won first place in TOP-10 logo contest


2022 Kärdla Centre of Culture- solo exhibition of collages- Estonia

2020 Monaco Yacht Show – collages

2020 Swissartexpo, Zyrich – collage

2020 Solo exhibition in Piirto Gallery, Helsinki -product design and collages

2020 Artexpo New York – collages2020 Los Angeles Art Show – collages

2020 Architectural Digest Design Show , USA- collages

2019 Scope Miami – collages2019 ART BASEL ART WEEK MIAMI The ARTBOX.PROJECT

Miami 2.0 – collages

2019 Swissartexpo, Zyrich – collages

2019 Parallax Art Fair, London- collages, design

2019 Nominent of A Design Award, Italy – collage “Cleopatra”

2019 Armory Art Week, New York – collages

2017 Solo exhibition -collages, Artcafe Kuku, Tallinn

2016 October- group exhibition “Enjoying Art” in Piirto Gallery, Helsinki- collages

2016 March- Solo exhibition in Piirto Gallery, Helsinki -product design and collages

2015 Finnish Craft Museum -group exhibition,  product design

2014 Solo exhibition in Shopping Centre Viru – collages

2014 Solo exhibition in Shopping Centre Mustika- collages

2014 Group exhibition Tallinn´s City Hall- collages

2013 Group  exhibition “Give new life” in New Art Museum, Estonia

2012 Virtual exhibition in London (Collages)

2012 Group exhibition “Small thing” in Estonian Design House, Munkadetagune torn and

Helsinki – product design

1981 Group exhibition of Estonian Calligraphers

1980 Group exhibition of Estonian Calligraphers