My theme is the primordial power of women. We are the creators of life, bearers of the seed of the children of Earth. As the world is in danger of destruction, we have to wake our inner strength, beauty and wisdom, to return peace and harmony to the world.

We must not overpower the nature, we would be honoring and loving the Earth and other beings. Not being allowed to harm the nature, we treat the Earth and other beings with respect and love. I paint goddesses, pop-icons and queens, who have changed the world. Feminine love and caring are special strengths that can overcome an aggressive opponent.

From the beginning of time adornments have had a protective and empowering effect. In my hand-painted collages I use pearls and jewelry, cutouts and textiles to further enhance this effect and to express my feelings. I believe that consciousness is the fountain of being and we live in a common consciousness.

Theoretical Quantum Physicist, PhD,Amit Goswami points the way:

“The heart refers to the archetype of love—traditionally called a feminine value. But the era of the intuitive mind is aborning with the demand that we learn to integrate the head and the heart. In Jungian terms, this involves integrating the male and the female within us.”

My paintings contain less of the masculine side, because I paint what I know better. I value Da Vinci and Salvador Dali. I am inspired by history, as this is the common cultural heritage of all mankind. Prior to the creation of each historical portrait I read as much as possible to improve my ability to represent that person. All my life I have been a graphical designer and a painter for the past nine years. For me, art is the form of being.