Urve Tõnnus is an artist from Estonia. ( Was born in 1957) At first, she was schooled and qualified as a designer.After 4 years practical training at a trained painter’s studio, she has self-educated herself attending to various courses. During her whole life, she has worked as graphic designer, and 10 years of this as the head of advertisement of a big and well-known IT-company. Urve Tõnnus is a member of Estonian Association of Designers (EAD). She has developed a lot of brand styles and home pages to important Estonian companies and institutions.

During the last 9 years, she has dealed with collage painting and had exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, London and USA.Now, she is represented by United States galleryART UpCLOSE.

In her works, she is focused on woman’s psychology, creating different archetypes. She likes photography and travelling, and these hobbies are reflected also in her art works. For the medium, she has used photos, magazines, jewelry, textiles, paper, canvas, and acrylic paints.To draw attention to our consumer society and is wastes, she is always guided by recycling idea and uses mainly old second hand materials.



2021 COLLECTOR’S VISION INTERNATIONAL ART AWARD by Contemporary Art Curators Magazine
2021 International Prize “Ambassador of Art”
2021 International Prize DANTE ALIGHIERI ( invitation only)
2021 Participation in an art book “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021”
2021 International Prize David Michelangelo
2020 International Prize Raffaello & Canova
First prize of logo Datel as the best logo of Estonian IT companies
Bronze medal of amateur photo contest in USA
Winner of design contest of restaurant Clazz
2010 won first place in TOP-10 logo contest


Estonian Association of Calligraphers
Estonian Society of Female Computer Graphics
Estonian Association of Designers
Estonian Women Journalists and Editors